Peering Through the Human Looking Glass

I make it aboard the plane, confirm with the stewardess this is the plane to Houston, Texas. It is always a hassle when you get on the wrong plane and end up in Timbuktu. I always like confirmation.


If anyone knows me, I am usually a reserved and quiet person. I have been reading this book called, When I Say No I Feel Guilty, to improve my ability to cope with people.  After a few minutes in the air, I all of sudden felt different.  Uninhibited.  Without restraint. Cut loose. Liberated.  It must of been a combination of the Pura Vida Costa Rican lifestyle and reading that book.  I was without any inhibitions.


The stewardess comes by at that moment, and asks me, “How do you take your coffee?”.  I never heard this odd grouping of words before.  I immediately blurted in a confused tone, “How do I take my coffee???  I don’t know, they usually put it in a paper cup and I drink it through my yapper!”.

Another stewardess comes by with the forms you need to fill out for customs declarations.  You know the dribble where they ask if you have been in close contact with farm animals, have fruit or other agriculture items, liquor, tobacco, or more than $10,000 dollars worth of currency or other financial instruments.  The amiable stewardess asks me if I need one of the custom forms, I quickly quip with, “I don’t know, do I need one, you tell me, I’m new to this international travel stuff.”

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Stuck on Earth with a Chauffer Loco

I’m awake at 4 am, as I over hear my room mate talking in her room and the door is closed. Has she gone looney, what is she talking about. As I listen closely, she is negotiating with an Uber driver to get me to the airport.  The metal bird I’m taking unsticks itself from the ground at 6:30 am. This is how they say it in Spanish “despegar”. Literally translated, it means to unstick something. El avion despega a la tierra a las 6:30 am. In english, “the plane will unstick itself from the earth at 6:30 am.” Right now, I’m stuck on the ground outside my home, waiting for Uber.

Airplane Trying to Unstick itself from the Earth

The driver arrives, we try to put the luggage in the trunk, it doesn’t fit, so we retreat and place the luggage in the backset.  The friendly Tico begins to program the GPS on his phone to the destination.  Apparently, he doesn’t know the way to the airport.

Concerned for my comfort, he asks if I would like to change the radio station and offers me a “confite” a mint or candy.  I select one from the limited selection.  I tell him I like the song that is playing and we leave the radio dial alone.  We are on our way.

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