Life’s Random Inputs: Give Them Green Eggs and Ham

I work almost entirely from a coffee shop everyday.  As a programmer, I can work from any coffee shop in the world that has an internet connection.  I call it the Coffee Shop revolution.  It has changed my lifestyle and the way I work and live.  A programmer’s paradise.  A utopia.  A desirable community of near perfect qualities.  Well, at least until recently.

When I work in one coffee shop for multiple weeks at a time, people begin to get curious about who I am, what I do, why am I able to work from a coffee shop everyday all the day. Like vultures they begin to circle around me.  The Nosy Rosy.  The Curious George. The Gotta Know Joe. They all have that urge that they just have to say something to you.vultures

I have had people stick their face in my screen and say, “Hey man, what ya doin’?”  One lady said she was thinking about buying a Mac Computer and wanted to know how much my Mac weighed.  Before I could say anything, she had already grabbed my computer and started shaking it to see how much it weighed.  Yeah, this really happened.

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