10 Lessons This Year Taught Me

One of my rituals to run as we enter a new year is to deconstruct the past 12 months to raise awareness so I can repeat [and refine] what worked and remove what didn’t.

#1.  Epigenetics. Your environment greatly influences your mindset, joy in your life and your ability to overcome obstacles.  This has been proven with the reseearch done in epigenetics.  Epigenetic research has shown your DNA cells change their form depending on your environment.  The more positive your environment, the more positive the change.  Choose your surroundings and peer group very well.

#2. Rational thinking and illogical fallacies.  Last year I was duped by the Sunk Cost Fallacy.  This lead me to discover the illogical fallacies in human thinking.  Human beings are very irrational and illogical.  The book 300 Illogical Fallacies describes these fallacies and how to avoid them.

#3.  Say something. Speak and express your ideas.  If someone says something you do not agree with, is a fallacy in logic, or you find offensive, it is imperative you speak up and say something.  Say something.  Say something.  Say something.  Each time you fail to speak up, you are giving away your power.

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