Bathroom Fixtures Shopping in Costa Rica

As I mentioned in my previous post, my bathroom broke water.  I need to find a new toilet, pot, throne, reading chair, include your favorite name here.  I head to the Home Depot of Costa Rica called EPA.

As I walk to EPA, it is only 10 minutes from my house.  It seems almost everything is 10 minutes from my house.  Bonus.  I notice a sign which looks more like a donut shop than a hardware store.  If it is a donut shop, it sure is a large one.  They must have lots of donuts.  A toilet seat is similar to a donut.

They sell donuts?

As I get closer, it starts to look more like a “Home Depot” style store.  All in Spanish.  I peruse the store a while and finally come across some bathroom fixtures.  They only have two styles.  Bummer.  Neither one seems to draw my attention.  They are really cheap also in price and in quality.  It seems the thing is all plastic.  You can get the toilet and a sink for $88 dollars.  Cheap is always more expensive in the end.  I need a quality place to put my trasero (behind).

I visit another place which seems to be advertising ceramics.  Oh, ceramica, is like things made of ceramic, like tiles, bathroom tiles, and fixtures.  I decide to check it out.  I am immediately greeted with a very pleasant (that means hot) lady.  There seems to be a lot of pleasant looking women here.  No offense.  Soy hombre.

This place is great.  They must of had 10 different styles of toilets to put your trasero.  I asked if I could take one for a spin, try it out.  That joke broma didn’t go over well.  It probably didn’t translate to Spanish very well.  Moving on.  They had everything for a bathroom.  I decide I might as well redo the entire bathroom and starting picking out all kinds of bathroom fixtures.  The pleasant looking chica is very accommodating, writing everything down.  Everyone here is very polite and attentive.

In the end, she needed the size of my bathrooom.  I didn’t know.  I told here I would get the information, said ciao, and I decide it is time for almuerzo lunch.  I’m close to Momentum Pinares a place with lots of restaurantes.  

Taco Bar

I find this excellent place called Taco Bar. I select two Fish Tacos.  When I say these were outstandingly delicious.  I mean wow!  Fantastic! I never knew food comida could be this great.  It was grilled fish, in a flour tortilla, was very lite.  It was perfect.

Fish Tacos

Remote Classroom

My class in Seattle begins at 6 pm Pacific time, I adjust for my timezone.  It begins 8 pm Costa Rica time.  As I mentioned, I am taking a University class at the University of Washington.  There were people in the physical classroom in downtown Seattle and about 15 people online.  This is the future classroom and I have a front row seat.

They go around asking everyone to tell a little bit about himself.  When it gets to me, I belt out “Hello, can you hear me?”, como un tonto like the cell phone commercial.  I felt a little strange talking into my iMac’s 27 inch screen in the middle of Central America and expecting anyone to actually hear me.

Sure enough.  The people in Seattle responded.  We hear you clear.  Over.  I exclaim, “I am a retired Software Engineer with 30 years experience programming in C++ Unix and Telecommunications system, and I am coming to you live from Central America.  Pura vida!”.  It was really cool.

The class was three hours.  It really wasn’t much different from being there.  I could see everything they were doing.  Also, a programming class will do everything on the computer anyway.  We communicate most of the time with chat.  It was possible to talk into the computer.  We really only used that at the beginning.

My class terminated at 11 pm my time.  Cansado. Tired.  I hit the bed which is behind me from my desk.  Mas aventuras en este paraiso manana. More adventures in paradise tomorrow.

¡Buenas Noches!


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  1. Keep us updated on the bathroom remodel. I guess some jokes do not translate well in Spanish or maybe it’s a different kind of humor. 🙂

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