It’s a Royal Flush

Buenas noticias, good news.  We have a new toilet.  It is the best commode I have ever sat on, seriously.  Imported from Italy.  It really is a royal flush.

Royal Flush from Italy

The entire work crew came to repair the toilet.  They decided to stay and paint the outside of the house.  They also painted the doors, which were damaged by the flood this past October.  They stayed the whole day.  I ordered a Papa John’s pizza delivered by motorcycle for everyone.  Yes, we have Papa John’s here.

Gambas de Barrio Escalante

There wasn’t any pizza left for me.  I left for my favorite restaurant place called Barrio Escalante.  It is an entire neighborhood of restaurants.  Today, I decide to go to Gambas.

It has an open air balcony for people watching and taking in the cool breeze.

I order some tapas.  A salmon tartar and a tuna tartar.  It was very lite.

Tuna Tartar with Zuchinni
Salmon Tartar

The food here is excellent and fresh.  I highly recommend Gambas in Barrio Escalante. 


The word tica in Costa Rica refers to a girl or woman from Costa Rica.  There is a tica sitting on a bench as I’m walking to my favorite cafe called Barrio.  She is sitting there posing for her friend to take a picture.  I quickly take my phone and take a picture.  The photo was very natural in the moment.  It was spontaneous.  She wasn’t offended or anything, in fact she kept posing some more, looked at me and laugh.

Tica, word for a Costa Rican Girl

Unfortunately, when I posted this picture on Instagram.  My drama mama thought I was getting mixed up with some girl again.  This was a very nice girl and she was only posing for a picture.  I made someone happy with very little effort.

 It takes very little effort to make someone happy — Robin Sharma

Barrio Cafe en Barrio Escalante

After having a late lunch, I head over to my favorite writing spot.  Barrio.  A coffee shop.  I order an Americano and there was this great looking desert I couldn’t pass up.

Inside Barrio Cafe
What happened to losing weight?

Until next time, hasta el proxima vez, soy toucan tommy, ciao!

Toucan Tommy en Costa Rica

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