In Costa Rica and Latin America in general people consume a lot of rice and beans.  Besides being a healthy diet, it probably is based on economic reasons.  Beans and rice are cheap.  This custom is so intrinsic to the culture that even McDonald’s sells rice and beans for breakfast.  It is called, wait for it, drum roll, McPinto! Seriously, this is how it is listed on the Menu, McPinto Deluxe.

McPinto Deluxe. Rice and beans at McDonald’s in Costa Rica.

It is rice and beans with plantains platanos, tortillas, eggs huevos and coffee.  They also serve it with sour cream which is natilla in Spanish.

Lunch at Mercado Central

Today I decided to head to downtown San Jose and have lunch in the Central Market Mercado Central.  It was established in 1880 and is a historical landmark here.  It reminds me of the markets in San Antonio.  It is all located inside a building.  They have shops, souvenirs, and restaurants.

The restaurants inside are called sodas.soda is a small restaurant, a stand you walk up to with benches outside, or kiosk.  The usual fare are casados.  A casado is rice beans, salad, plantains, and some protein (steak, pork chop, chicken, or fish).  I find one called Soda Tapia, I say in Spanish, “Hay casados” to make sure they have casados today.  I order it with a jugo de fresa strawberry juice made with real strawberries.  I know.  Strawberry juice?  You can get any kind of juice you want in Costa Rica.  They mix it with water agua or milk leche.  You have to tell them what to mix it with.

Casado with Strawberry Juice Jugo de Fresa

Bathroom Update

We are waiting for a quote from the construction company to install the bathroom.  All of the ceramic tile and fixtures have been delivered.  They must be working on Tico Time, because they are taking a while to send the quote.  Tico Time means someone that is late.  I find most people are on time here, there seems to be a joke called Tico Time, which means someone that is always late.

¡Nos vemos mas tarde!

La Gorda de San Jose, The Fat Lady in San Jose


2 thoughts on “McPinto”

  1. Hey Tommy!
    I’m loving your posts – reminds me a lot about my week in Mexico in December. I may live in Mexico someday! I love the culture and all the people I’ve met from there.
    Hasta Luego Guapo? !!!

  2. I would love to go to a Costa Rican McDonald’s someday! The market also looked really cool and fresh strawberry juice sounds amazing!

    Pura Vida!

    John Kyle Cooper

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