Election Day in Costa Rica

Today is election day in Costa Rica.  There are 13 different candidates to choose from.  I don’t have the right to vote, so I won’t be participating.  The only way I knew it was election day, was my amigos told me.  I did see a few signs advertising candidates every now and then.  There were not many.

This morning it was clear something was going on.  When I visited one of my favorite StarBucks (there are four close to my house, I can walk to one of them), there was a lot of hoopla, bands playing, and noise.  People walking around with flags.  I suppose each flag represented a candidate.  There were many different colored flags.

There was a debate on television.  I hardly watch television here.  The only reason I have one, is the maid likes to watch the soap operas and her child likes to watch cartoons.  Anyway, I just happen to be watching while they were advertising the debate and interviewing the various candidates.

Flags Representing Presidential Candidates

Bathroom Remodel

Back to my life here in Costa Rica.  I decided to remodel the entire bathroom.  The house I bought is over 32 years old and needs some updating.  I knew this when I bought it.  I was able to get a good price.  A fixer upper, if you will.

I visit the ceramica place with all the bathroom fixtures and the salesperson helps me select some tiles ceramica for the bathroom.  There will be a line of small rocks down the middle of the shower.  This should feel good on bare feet and provide traction.  I’m excited to see it completed.  Although, it is going to take a few weeks.  I will keep you posted.



Vivero, Plant Nursery

I have also decided to create a garden in the front.  We visited several plant nurseries which are called viveros in Spanish.  You know, the place where they have flowers, pots, and plants.  We found three different ones.  The Home Depot place called EPA also had a vivero. I have created a design.  The gardener jardinero who works at my residence will create the garden.  We only have to buy all the materials.  This is about a month away for completion.

I know I am a little behind on my articles.  It is getting busy here.  Will keep it going, though.  Lots of things happening and going on.

¡Hasta la proxima!

2 thoughts on “Election Day in Costa Rica”

  1. Always anxious and look forward to the next adventure of this journey that you are on. Seems some great undertakings with remodel of bathroom and planning a garden for the yard! However with lots of good workers there to help get things done, it will be so much better when complete. Include many herbs to use as cook food at home and will have really healthy meals! Year round warm weather is also big plus!
    Enjoyed hearing from you! Pura Vida!

  2. My advice was going to be the exact as your mom’s about planting lots of herbs. That’s the trick to really fresh, tasty cooking. Lost all mine due to the way-below-freezing we had. Not your problem.LOL
    Keep writing.!

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