We Struck Water

Today I decided to start working on my garden.  It is simply a plot of grass right now.  My plan is to excavate the land, remove all the grass, and make a rock garden.  I created a design and drawing.  With the assistance of the local gardener I begin to dig.

The gardener warns me about hitting a water line.  To no avail, I strike water.  The water line shoots up in the air.  Water goes everywhere.  I yell for help.  What to do?  We turn off the water for my house.  This works.

As we stand around trying to decide what to do, the hole I dug, begins to fill up with water?  What happened? We turned off the water.  Turning off the water put pressure on the tubes where the faucet is located.  It springs a leak.  The tubes are over 30 years old possibly.  The leak fills up the entire garden area with water.  Help.

We call the administrator to see if we can turn off the water for just my house.  I live in a community.  Can’t be done.  Have to turn off the water for the entire community.  Over 50 homes.  The guard begins calling people to let them know there will be no water for a couple of hours while we repair the waterline.  It is Saturday, how are we going to find a plumber on Saturday morning?

By chance, Katty’s sister was visiting.  Her husband is a plumber fontanero.  What are the odds?  And the Home Depot store called EPA is 10 minutes away.  We visit the plumbing department plomeria.  We buy all the plumbing and connections.  We have it fixed in about two hours.  Water back on.  Disaster avoided.

Stay tuned for more adventures in gardening from Costa Rica.



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