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To whom it may concern,

I Tommy Bennett have officially retired.  I am 52 years old.  Yet this isn’t the age I retired.  I moved to Costa Rica when I was 36 years old.  I have been working from my home and coffee shops since I was 32 years old.  I have determined, working from home or working remotely is like being retired.  One could say I retired at 32 years old in the year 1998.  I had to come out of retirement twice.  Once at the age of 42 for one year and once at the age of 47 for one year.  I was not very content during these years.  I endured.

I spent most of my career programming in the C++ language.  Although, I did write software in several other languages.  This was my preferred language.  I worked in Silicon Valley at Borland International in the late 90s and I posses expert knowledge in the C++ language, object-oriented programming in general.  C++ is the language used by Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, and several well known technology concerns.  I have colleagues that work at Microsoft and Google in C++. I once had the opportunity to work at Microsoft in 1997 yet I turned it down due to a lack of common sense.

I was awarded the Achiever of the year award at Comverse Network Systems in 2006 for my achievements in telecommunications and voice mail software systems.  The award included an all expense paid trip for two to Aruba for one week.  This was the height of my career.  I was 42 years old.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

I spent the next few years working with business programmers.  Morons.  They are the reason the C# language was created.  C# was fun, it was the inane business programmers I couldn’t tolerate.

After several years of this, my career begin to falter, the industry changed.  The only way I could do what I wanted was to move to a large city.  I became disinterested in continuing a career as a software engineer.  I didn’t like the way things were going in the software industry.  It all changed.  Technology does that.

The last opportunity I had which was close to my home, was again business programming in COBOL and web programming in PHP.  Web programming is a dead art.  Everyone just uses WordPress.  COBOL is a language which should of never been invented.  As the great computer scientist Edward Dijkstra said:

COBOL cripples the mind, COBOL is for morons — Edward Dijkstra

Fortunately, I avoided being trapped as a COBOL programmer in a rat hole for the next 20 years until I suffocated surrounded by imbeciles.

COBOL Programmers Are Morons
COBOL Programmers

Press OK to Accept

I have no plans on returning to the status quo.  I have created an alternate universe for myself.  My own paradise.  I was born in one country yet I live in another.  I speak two languages.  I am not of the world I live yet from another.  I am humble.  I am free.  I am at peace.

I plan on spending the rest of my days in the pursuit of a life of a humanitarian.  What form this takes I do not know.  God will provide the vision.  I will follow.

Choose One of the Following

I have risked more than what was required to pursue the life I have selected.  Due to the relentless pursuit of my journey, great courage, persistence and support from my loved ones I have succeeded.  As Steve Jobs once said,

… because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do. — Steve Jobs

Therefore it is with great delight, I accept that I am crazy.  Thank you.  May God bless your journey.

I am Crazy Enough to Change the World

I hereby declare the following video as my going away retirement speech:


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  1. Great summary, almost autobiographical, close.
    Thanks for your written word, Plus the video conclusion!
    Well done! Stay faithful and follow as true believer!

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