The Forced Optimization Strategy

The forced optimization strategy FOS is a brilliant concept by Robin Sharma. I have used it successfully to lose 28 kilos and to become a fitness champion. How did I do it?

Personal Trainer

I hired a personal trainer. The personal trainer coordinates with me every week for a training session. I am forced to arrive at the gym and train. I pay a month in advance. I don’t want to lose money, so again, it forces me to workout. My personal trainer creates the routines, handles the weights, measures the amount of minutes I am allowed to rest between exercises. This optimizes my workout and time. This is the FOS health strategy.

Are there other ways to use this strategy besides fitness? Yes. Let me describe other ways I have used this brilliant strategy.

Personal Chef

I order my food from a food service. They bring a weeks worth of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This forces me to eat at home because I don’t want to throw out the food if I don’t eat it. I paid for it. It would be wasteful to eat out. This forces me to eat low calorie designed meals, forcing me to lose weight. I no longer have to spend time in a grocery store, make grocery store lists, drive to the grocery store, come home unpack all the groceries. This optimizes my time. This is the FOS food strategy.

Personal Driver

I sold my car. I walk everywhere. This forces me to exercise by walking. I optimize my time because I don’t waste time at the gas station, washing the car, paying auto insurance, paying automobile tax every year, wasting time each year at the auto inspection station, I cannot get into a car accident, I don’t get road rage, I don’t have to waste time looking for a parking spot, I don’t lose time trying to remember where I parked my car. It optimizes my time. This is the FOS no vehicle strategy.

Keyless Door Entry

I installed a fingerprint door lock. There are no keys to my house. I will never lose my keys again. You cannot lose what you don’t have. This optimizes my time. I don’t have to waste time calling a locksmith to open my door when I lose my keys because there are no keys. This forces increased security for my home. No one can copy my keys. I am the only person which can open the door to my home. This is the FOS door lock strategy.

Home with Few Moving Parts

I live in a country where the climate is generally 72 degrees year around. Central air and heat are not required. This optimizes my time. No need to call someone to repair air conditioner or heat when it stops working. This is the FOS climate strategy.

Saving Automatically

I automatically save monthly with automatic transfers. I transfer the funds to accounts which are difficult to access. I have offshore accounts for my core savings and mutual funds for growth investing for long term. The offshore accounts are very difficult to access for withdrawal.

Hard to Reach

If you are hard to reach, it is hard for people to change the course of your life. It is hard for you to get distracted. I would like to get rid of my phone, but this makes it difficult for my personal trainer to coordinate our sessions. I’m still working on how to be hard to reach with a phone.

Hard to Access

I have a lot of trouble with spending too much money. If it is difficult to access something, you will use that something less. To control my spending, I make it hard to access funds. I have no ATM card, no credit card. The only way I can receive cash is my assistant sends money by money gram. I retrieve the money from one bank, go to another bank to deposit the funds. This is a hassle. I have to first initiate the transfer from my bank account to my assistants bank account. This takes a few days. Since it is a hassle, I don’t do it often. If I don’t do it often, I control my spending and spend less. Brillant.

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  1. Brilliant! The FOS is well planned in all areas of your life, however these certainly sound adaptable to any one of us who will use it!
    Thankful for your sharing your writing skills and organizing skills as well!
    Continue on the positive path!

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