Spanish Rice

I finally can make spanish rice! Exito! The official culinary term for this type of rice is red rice. I am taking some culinary classes and red rice was one of the practice exercises for making chicken stock.

It is really delicious and I can’t tell the difference from the restaurants.

You can add peas, carrots, or whatever you want.

It actually wasn’t that difficult to make. I remember in the past when I would try it, it never came out right. Learning the techniques at the culinary school really made the difference.

Hasta luego.

La Lavanderia

La Lavanderia is one reason I like living in Costa Rica. La Lavanderia is a dry cleaning or laundry service. They will come by your house, get your clothes, wash fold and dry, and get it back to you the next day! All for a reasonable fee. I paid about $2/lbs and gave them about 25 lbs of clothes. The amount I gave them would last me about two weeks.

When you get your clothes back, it is almost like the clothes came right from the department store. I almost didn’t want to wear them.

Ciao, pura vida!


The one thing I really like about Costa Rica is that every restaurant you go to offers jugo naturales. In english, this means fresh juice. They make it from real fruit. You do have to sometimes say not from the bottle, because they do sometimes sell it in the bottle.

Everyone makes fresh juice at home and I wanted to learn how.


My favorite is Maracuya. It is a very unusual fruit. It is also called passion fruit or is one of the varieties of passion fruit. The one I purchased is the yellow maracuya.

As you can see from the picture above it looks like any other fruit. When you open it, it is quite different:

You take out the pulp and seeds from inside the fruit. You put them in a blender with about 1/2 cup of sugar and 4 cups of water. At least that is what I have been doing. I think some people put 1 cup of sugar. I guess I should ask some people here how they make it.


After you blend it, you strain it to remove the seeds. Put it in the refrigerator for a while and serve.

Ciao, pura vida!

Tropical Seafood Gumbo

While living in Costa Rica, I thought I would make a tropical style gumbo. I found this great recipe from Emeril.

It turned out pretty good, I think I added a little too much liquid. The only stock they have here is in powder form. I used a chicken consume from concentrate. The recipe calls from a camaron style stock. I found one, but I ended up picking up the chicken by accident.

I will try to make this again. I would like to try to make it faster the next time. It took me 2.5 hours to prep and 30 minutes to make it. It may go faster if you prep and cook at same time. I am also kind of slow still.

Ciao, pura vida!