Restaurant Review: Olio

I entered the concealed eatery with trepidation.  Hidden on an unassuming corner of Barrio Escalante.  Even many locals do not know of this hidden line of eating joints lined up and down the street like pearls on a string.  Each one seemingly as delectable as the next.

My expectations were low for this particular place.  In fact, I almost decided to discard it on my journey down Calle 33.   Little did I know I was about to discover the Utopia of gastronomic pleasure I have ever discovered.

Utopia an imaginary and indefinitely remote place, a place of ideal perfection, first used by Sir Thomas Moore in 1816.

I waited for what felt like 10 minutes which was really only a minute.  My heart was racing and was nervous being a lone foreigner in a foreign lugar place.  Even though I have lived here for years.  I still am obviously not from around here.  No one was attending or offering a table.  A chico appears. Believing he is the mesero waiter.  I respond with a Hola.  He quips Hola quickly and walks outside to smoke a cigarro cigarette.  Yes people still smoke in this tierra land.

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Restaurant Review: Luna Roja

Each time I come back to this Central American paradise, there is always something new.  Being a third-world country or emerging market some call it, there is lots of room for progress.  One new addition, at least a new discovery for me is Barrio Escalante.

Escalante – A Spanish last name which means a climber or one who climbs.

Barrio Escalante is a neighborhood of San José.  It is in a world of its own.  In fact, the first time I visited this Uber cool haunt, I thought I was in a different country.  This can’t be Costa Rica.  It feels different, has a different vibe.

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