Next Time Bring Coffee Filters

The Destin Office

Welcome to my new travel blog.  I just got back from Destin Florida.  I stayed two weeks in an apartment on the 5th floor right on the beach.  It was cold most of the time, but I enjoyed staying in reading, and working on the computer.

The view from my apartment was incredible.  I could see the sunset each day.


The seafood was great, couldn’t find any good coffee shops to work at, except Panera Bread, was cold most of the time, warm two days out of the 14 I was there, it was an easy drive, about 8 hours, apartment was great, didn’t have to talk to anyone when I got there, or when I left, it was like it was my own apartment, definitely better than a hotel.


I had to go out for coffee each day, because I forgot to pack the coffee filters!  Next time bring the coffee filters.