Sequestered by the Lady in the Box

lady_in_boxI went on vacation last weekend arriving by plane. My ultimate destination was still three hours away and was only obtainable in vehicle, so I decided to rent a car with GPS. I surmised it would be easy to drive with a navigation system. No maps. Asking for directions.

I’m in the car and hit the start button on the GPS. It appeared easy enough, I entered my destination, hit a few more buttons to select the route. All of sudden, the words “Shutting down…” appear on the screen? I panic. I plead with the box, “No, no shutdown, you have to tell me where I’m going, I’m totally lost without you.” I started the car again and it was back. Whew! I exasperated, that was close. I went through the same dribble, entered the destination address, and it started working. I was on my way.

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